TJ Fisher (creator/writer/co-executive producer)
Breaking news alert! Author TJ Fisher has not completed the unplublished manuscript (for the basis of screenplay adaptation). Check back for updates!

Purgatory Road New Orleans
A provoking made-for-television series by TJ Fisher

(a pilot for primetime series)

The continuum of an era. Shadows of secrets. A covenant of scandal. Addictive storylines. Unforgettable characters. Feuding generations. Moral excess. Clandestine societies. Lingering traditions.

Meet the distinguished Dupré family, an uptown dynasty of royalty, rulers and outcasts. Come to know their luscious lovers, rivals and rituals; embrace their strange secrets, enemies and entanglements.

The Garden District, the French Quarter, the Marigny, the Bywater and beyond. These are the cloistered places and playgrounds that unravel, meld and reassemble people's lives in ways untold.

Few can ever leave this sodden soil just above and below sea level without regret. Living on the edge is far too enticing. Echoes and patterns from the past carry forward and do not let go.

An intricate weave of convoluted melodrama, seething discord, intoxicating danger and dysfunction emerge; lurid improprieties abound.

A big, juicy nighttime soap opera at its best.

A tangled story 300 years in the making.

No need to watch reruns of Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, or Knots Landing.

Purgatory Road New Orleans
returns to '80s classic-style "Bigger Than Life" nighttime soap operas.